Doctor List

Efficient hands for you
Medical fraternity is filled with able hands who treat and heal the patients. Most of the times our faith is restored in god when we see these efficient doctors working for us. When we are in dire emergency, we look for one of the best doctors to treat us. Doctors not only treat us but also give us accurate advice to avoid illnesses. Natus Health Services Pvt Ltd understands the need for proficient doctors and hence we have empanelled list of professionals who work for us. Insurance industry needs medical professionals for their customers regularly. Health and life insurance policies need doctors for Underwriting, Second Opinion, pre-insurance medical tests and Tele Video Medical Examination and Consultation to be conducted on their potential policy holders.

Natus Health Services Pvt Ltd has another branch of ‘Wellness and Diseases Management’ and ‘Occupational Health’ wherein we provide a complete medical set up with eminent professionals to insurance companies and business organisations who look after the overall health of the employees and insurance customers. Apart from any medical urgency, these professionals also keep a tab on their health through BMI index, food intake, claim amount in the company and few team building activities. We also offer value added services like chat with well known doctors, online medical app, weekly emails to employees regarding their health and even motivational talks by medical experts from various fields.

Natus Health Services Pvt Ltd not only understands the crucial role of medical segment in service industry but also implements it effectively for the well being of its customers and well-wishers.