Pre Insurance Medical Check Up

‘Pre’ suggests prior to or before the approval. Any insurance policy has certain guidelines to follow before its implementation and each insurance company is abided by the rules led down by the regulatory authority. Each potential policy holder has to follow the procedure before finalising it. One of the most crucial part of the process is the pre-medical check-up. Every company does the medical tests of the customers to rule out any health disorders or lifestyle disease.

Most of the times, insurance companies connect with hospitals and diagnostic laboratories for these tests after which the reports decide their analysis. Natus Health Services Pvt Ltd acts a smooth connecting bridge between insurance companies and policy holders. We offer our services to the insurance companies by smooth functioning of their medicalsfrom their case registration with us to dispatch of medical reports to insurance companies. We have network ofempanelled diagnostic laboratories who are one of the best in their fields. We ensure that your work with utmost priority and care so that you can concentrate on other important tasks. We wish to help you in your endeavour to get effective business with great profits.