Second Opinion

A ‘second opinion’ in any field is considered as the expert advice or views of another expert in the same field. Most of the times we go to for second opinion if we are not satisfied with the primary advice. However, with Natus Health Services Pvt Ltd, it is different. We provide a second advice to the foremost proficient underwriters of insurance companies. Underwriters are one of the most crucial professionals of insurance industry and they have a herculean task of deciding the claims and premium amount. We are here to take away their burden and provide them a secondary expert advice for work.

We have insurance professionals on board who have vast experience in the sector and can guide you in your work. We understand the completeness, obligation and intention of your work while providing an accurate advice for your work.

We tend to reduce your extensive research and save your valuable time which can be used for focussing on other crucial work. We will provide expertise to insuranceunderwriters on their customer disclosures on proposal form, Tele Underwritingand overall opinion on each potential insurance policy. Connecting with Natus Health Services Pvt Ltd can make your underwriters more efficient and productive thus increasing their performance and benefiting the profitability of the company.