TELE / Video Medical Examiner's Report

Technology has been at a core of any procedure or process nowadays and the world is going digital. Healthcare industry, which needed physical presence, has turned innovative by examining and diagnosing patients online. The digital examination not only saves time but also saves the energy of the patients in emergency. It has reduced the distance for healthcare service in remote locations.

Insurance sector is also benefitted through these digital services. Insurance sector has a process where they have to research their customer through personal identity proofs, pre medical check-upand official documents among others. Natus Health Services Pvt Ltd understands the need for upgraded technology to augment its business and make its customers satisfied. We assist the insurance companies by accessing and studying the data of its policy holders through our TELE Video Medical Examiner Report.

Tele Video facility allows the medical examiner to do the diagnosis through video calling and also store its report. We at Natus Health Services Ltd understand the domain of work in insurance and hence work accordingly. We would take away your worry on Underwriting TAT with our final medical summarization.