Occupational Health Centre

Natus Health Services Pvt. Ltd. believes in the proverb ‘Health is wealth’ and implement it effectively through its services. We have OCH (Occupational Health Centres) for our customers, which act as a medical kiosk for our client companies. It is a medical set up for employees operated by medical experts. This concept will focus on employee’s absenteeism due to sickness, avoid accidents on duties and also monitor other health concerns. This concept can boost the morale of employees and enhance their confidence about the organisation.

Value Added Services

Getting something additional is always exciting and Natus Health Services Pvt Ltd is going an extra mile to ensure customer’s health. We are providing value added services like chat with doctors, online medical app, weekly emails to employees regarding their health and even motivational health talks by doctors, nutritionists and dieticians among others. We will also be looking at implementing team bonding activities that will make them more efficient.

Health risk assessment

Health Risk Assessment focuses on keeping a check on employee’s health through his regular health monitoring. Apart from regular tab on BMI (Body Mass Index) through height and weight, we also concentrate on his protein, fat and calories intake. We also inspect his claim amount and regularly keep a watch on his health. Health Risk Assessment is preventive technique to monitor the employee’s health and make him performance oriented while enhancing his productivity.